Thursday, April 21, 2011


This nail tutorial actually came out as an accident. One day, I decided to paint it gray and it was really pretty until it started wearing off. However, I was way too lazy to do anything about it, yet the tips started looking very gross and the color became dull. Instead of cleaning it with nail polish remover (major laziness), I decided to glam it up!

*Side note: This project was semi inspired by a stellar picture I saw on the NASA website. With that, I tried to recreate the beautiful dust clouds and creations of new stars. For those of you who do not know, I am a physics major and I'm a big cosmology fan, so don't mind the geekiness.
1. The color gets extremely dull and dead at the tip once it's worn for a while. Let's do something about it!
2. Grab a fun, glittery nail polish and lightly paint it through 3/4 of the nail. Let it dry.
3. Go over the top half of the nail with the same glittery nail polish, but this time, don't be as gentle and pack on a few coats of glitter. Let it dry again.
4. Go over the tips of the nail and pack it with lots more coats to create a strong gradient with the glitter. Let it dry and go over with a top coat to secure the glittery flakes. Yay!
Well that was easy, huh? A simple way to glam up the nails for those lazy ladies who can't bother to sit down and redo their nails all of the time. I guess in a way it could be nail polish recycling? Hehe, I need more sleep...

I have been meaning to post these pictures. In March, I made a mini tutorial on this nail design that I thought was extremely easy and simple. However, I just never got around to editing and writing it up. More fashion posts coming soon, I have a lot in store now that school's almost over (well summer school starts right after finals, but that's beside the point).

Speaking of school, I have been extremely busy with my Vietnamese American Student Association (VASA) working on our culture show, VASA by Night. Although it was a smaller scaled show since it was our first time doing something like this, nonetheless it was extremely fun and rewarding in the end. Along with the show, the VASA family also made a short movie, so if you have 13 minutes on your hands, please spend 12min and 30 sec of it watching the movie, and another 30 sec to 'like' and 'subscribe' if you are feeling it. My friend Chong sacrificed a lot of his time to film and edit it for us and I cannot be more pleased with the end result. Done with shameless VASA promotions!

Stay classy!
-Ai Nhu


Julia said...

that is such a cool combination! will have to try that!
i'm such a nail polish fetishist :)
would love it if you'd take a look at my blog and follow it if you like!

Ai Nhu said...

thanks Julia!
My mom loves all things nails so I'm always around it and eventually started randomly messing around with my nails. Thanks for reading!
I'll definitely check it out :D