Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Bunny

Happy bunny day! Haha, I mean Easter. Easter break has been such an awesome break, even if it was only this weekend, Friday, and Monday. On Friday, I went out with my godsister for a shopping rendevouz and ended up spending a good amount of money. I guess that means there will be a lot more posts coming up! Afterwards, we met up with the other VSAs in Chicago for pho. Fun fun fun! Last night, I attended mass with the family and afterwards stayed up until 2 watching Harry Potter with my dad while waiting for our food babies to calm down after coming home from mass. Today, I went down to Glen Ellyn to celebrate Doan Nguon Song's 26th anniversary. Congratulations and I hope you will be even stronger and more united. Also, congrats to the official new truong, Andrew! I wish you guys the best. Thanks for the yummy food and warm hospitality.

Now onto the outfit! I had an amazing time shooting this outfit with Kelly last weekend. Such a fun outfit calls for ridiculous poses. These are a couple, but I'll spare you the rest of the cringe-worthy cutesy poses. I made the wired-headband the night before and it was such a fun and easy project. You guys can get these 'bunny' headbands at H&M or online. Or, sew a piece of long fabric together, string a wire through, and TADA! The skirt adds a fun pop of color to the pastel outfit and the belt was from my mom's closet to give a center. Hope you guys like it!

Skirt: $6.80 - forever 21; Blouse: $8 -; Shoes: $40 - Nine West; Belt - mom's; Ring: $1.50 - Forever21

Have a wonderful weekend with your family!
-Ai Nhu