Thursday, September 30, 2010

MySpirations: September 2010

I've decided to start posting end of the month favorite styles and guilty pleasures of mine because I thought it'll be interesting (and it's totally fun for me!). This season, as you know, I'm all about more neutral colors and lace. I think there's a mature warmth in the color, making the outfit more sophisticated. Paired with edgy designs and patterns and you got a laidback yet very romantic and light outfit. There's something about the fall that makes me just want to feel light as a feather, and this type of style heads-on support the idea. So check out my favorites from this month as my ideal September styles and let me know what your ideal styles, most wanted outfits, or inspiration is!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Romantic Rose

Whoo hoo! I finally got around to taking and editing pictures! As you know, lately I've been getting into the more romantic lacy, floral, and nude trend for fall. I think it's a great combination to warm up the changing weather.

Sorry for the short post, I just really wanted to get this up. I'm starting to stress out a bit from school because of midterms lurking around the corner. I've been having such a great college experience so far and I'm really happy that I'm exposing myself to everything that's out there for me. Look out world! I'm taking over! (With style hehe)

Top: H&M $10; Skirt: Forever21 $12; Love necklace: Forever21 $4; Heels: Zipia $24

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Red, White, and Bloom

Sorry I've been MIA! School has been so exciting and everything is so fresh and anew for me that I haven't had time to take pictures. I've already have about 4 outfits lined up, but I just never got the time to go to Kelly's house and take pictures of them with her. Don't worry, by no means does that mean I'm abandoning this blog! This week, I'm going to be running around Loyola campus with my point-and-shoot, hawking down fashionistas like no other. There were some instances where I found awesome outfits on campus, but I either didn't have my camera with me or the courage to ask them. I'm definitely overcoming that to bring you guys awesome stylespirational outfits soon! Hopefully, I'll have time to meet with Kelly this week so I can update with my newly arranged outfits by next week!

By the way, I'm cheating with this post. Originally, I took pictures of this outfit with Kelly nearly a month ago before I left for Michigan. Now that I looked back at it, I don't like it as much anymore. Nonetheless, check it out. It's a shirt I made with $3 fabric from Hancock and a light denim pair of $15 Forever21 jeans. Sorry it's not as BABAMsizzle as I would like, but I thought it's still something.