Saturday, April 30, 2011

Color Me Not

Finals week! This is going be such a tough and tiring week. I'm already breaking out like crazy and my first final hasn't even started yet.

This is a simple outfit that I literally thought of really last minute. It's extremely simple, something that I'm usually not into, but at the same time, I think it has a really laid back edgy feel. Just an experiment and I gotta say, it was extremely fun! The shirt is extremely soft and comfortable, providing a nice and drapy feel. I tried to play up the outfit with floral tights to give a subtle spunk to the monotone outfit. Best of all? This look is extremely inexpensive, something that you all know is, I guess, a trademark of mine. Bargain hunters FTW!

Shirt - Zipia, $8; Tights - Forever21; Shoes - Charlotte Russe, $10 (SALE!)

Stay classy!
Ai Nhu

PS. Today is April 30th and I actually planned a post dedicated to this day and what it's about, but due to time constraints, I will be doing that post a little later and give the topic all the attention it deserves. For those of you who do not know its significance, stick around to find out!


Style Worthwhile said...

Those tights are so pretty!


Ai Nhu said...

Thanks Jacquelyn!
Just checked out your blog. Super cute stuff!

Lychee said...

I love the way you wore your bangles! I have a set of bangles similar to yours that are too big for me so maybe I'll try to wear them like you did! Cute stockings btw!

Ai Nhu said...

Hey lychee! Thanks for the compliments!
I wore the bangles like that mainly because I had awkward wrists and so they would always fall off. Turns out to give a fun effect, eh? Try it out and let me know how it works out for you! (: