Saturday, February 26, 2011

Tonight - Such a Beautiful Night~

Look what I found! This was actually shot on the same night as the 'Grenade' outfit, but I totally forgot about it until I was cleaning up my laptop today and found this folder. I guess the reason why I hesitated posting this outfit originally was because I wouldn't necessarily recommend buying this dress. I ordered it online at the end of summer at this online Chinese wholesale shop called ''. It was ridiculously cheap, I think about $7, but now I know exactly why it was that cheap. The material wasn't that great and it was a tad bit shorter than I thought. There was also a little whole on the white frilly part, and overall I wasn't crazy thrilled about it. However, for $7, it is a pretty unique little dress I got and it was completely adorable. This was such a fun outfit and although it was a night shoot, somehow the pictures turned out beautiful (thanks to the lovely Kelly!), even better than the recent Zara shoot we did. Hmm, really have to experiment more, eh?

SPRING BREAK NEXT WEEK! But before I celebrate, Hell Week 2 is coming :[

Dress: $7; Polkadot blazer: H&M $20; Heels: Zipia $24; Tights
PS. My necklace is from Landau, and my mom gifted it to me. It's my favorite, because it's personalized with my name on it! My mom proceeded into getting herself one too, with her name, of course. We boss!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Before the Dawn

School has been so intense lately. At first, I got some papers and quizzes back and I got almost perfect scores for them. Then, I got my exams a couple of weeks later and totally bombed them. It's pretty devastating, but it just pushes me to work even harder. Although I've been disappointed with my grades recently, I've been feeling happy with where my life is. I'm still thankful to have people who are close to me cheer me on, happy to have food in my mouth, clothes on my back, a great job, and the financial support to keep learning.

By the way, I did a ZARA haul! This whole outfit is from ZARA's winter sale, and trust me, I snagged up some crazy deals. I'm not sure if it's still going on, but do check your local ZARA. Will you believe me if I told you that my skirt was $5.99??? I was shocked myself, and I broke my shopping ban since Christmas and "splurged". I ended up spending around $60 for a jacket, a skirt, three awesome sweaters, and a cute scarf. Sigh, back to the shopping ban.

Stay warm, stay safe, stay happy!

PS. I look like an 8 year old here trying to be an 18-year old. I really need to either fully grow my bangs out or just cut them. This whole pinning them back thing and showing off my huge, shiny forehead isn't cutting it :P