Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Second Period: Punk Science

This outfit describes my personality. Chill and confident. I like to go for simplicity and always accompany a necklace with anything I wear. Whenever I wear those boots, I always feel invincible.
The key to my school style is accessories. Depending how high end a piece of jewelry is, a necklace or bracelet can make an outfit stand out more.
A must-have fashion item for school is a watch. I hate being late to anything, especially class. I think a fashionable watch compliments any outfit.
A tip for the new school year is to stay focused and goal oriented. Whether it's school or work, make sure you stay on top of everything.
My personal goal for this year is to pass all my classes with B's or higher. I need to boost up my gpa!
~The one thing people always tell me is that I dress so casual. Truth is, I dress for comfort. I'm a band tshirt, skinny jeans, and converse girl. But I like to mix it up from time to time (;
As some of you may know, Kasey is Kelly's little sister. Since I'm always at Kelly's house, Kasey also ends up helping us style and assisting us with shoots too so I was more than delighted to ask her to participate in the project. The outfit that Kasey chose definitely reflects her personality. She is a very playful and outgoing girl, and she expresses that in accessories and bold prints. Also, she has a very strong personality, and she's a very tough girl yet at the same time a ball of fun. Kasey and I match pretty well together because we're both light hearted and have very sarcastic humor, so it was extremely easy to work with her for this shoot. We went to a local park and started randomly climbing onto fixtures and playing with random stuff. It was such a fun shoot and despite it being super hot and sunny, I had such a great time thanks to Kasey's willingness to try just about anything I throw at her. Thanks girl!

Monday, August 29, 2011

First Period: Modern Physics

For all of you who have heard, I have been working on a secret project that I've consulted with Kelly about. We wanted to start something each season or holiday, present a general theme/concept and then have different people with unique personalities display how they would portray their distinct characteristics through their outfits. To test it out, I purposely asked my friends who are into fashion and who have very strong different personalities that contrast each other remarkably. I had the pleasure of hanging out with all of my wonderful friends during my last week of summer (out of 2 due to summer school) and was able to step behind the lens, which was very refreshing and exciting for me! Throughout this week, I will reveal each person each day and show how they rocked the theme 'back-to-school'.

I actually shot this outfit with Kelly a while ago before we even started the idea and I intended to post this outfit for the week of back to school anyways so it was perfect timing! Here is a geekier side of me. Unfortunately, this is how I actually am in real life, very different from the elegant Ai Nhu that I try to portray in my other posts.
This outfit describes the true nerd in me. Like the funky patterns, I am playful and geeky once you get to know me, and on a regular day, I am pretty laid back and dorky. I try to be elegant, but somehow the inner loser creeps out.
The key to my school style is comfort. I will have to wear this through a long day of classes, activities, and clubs. Sometimes, I sacrifice my comfort due to meetings or just the desire to look cute, but I'll always throw a pair of gym shoes and shorts in my bag to wear for the commute home :P
A must-have fashion item for school is a light cardigan. I learnt this the hard way in summer school when it would be 90 degrees outside and then 35 degrees in the classroom due to the air conditioning. After a 3 hour lab and a 2 hour lecture, I turn into an iceberg.
A tip for the new school year is to not try to be anyone but yourself. Spend your time impressing your professors and teachers academically, don't waste your time trying to impress others socially. You'll know who your real friends are.
My personal goal for this school year is to be spiritually, mentally, and physically healthy.
Last update (sorry this post is super lengthy, I just haven't had time to post since I've been getting ready for school and the project): Stylespirations got a twitter! Tweet me @stylespirations for quick updates on cheap bargains online, sneak peaks of upcoming shoots, and other random stuff! Also, since I had so much fun with this newest project, I went a little overboard taking pictures of everything. I will post behind the scenes or shots that were not chosen for the main blog on my photoblog so make sure to check it out.

Come back tomorrow for second period!
-Ai Nhu

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Mona Lisa

I actually spontaneously put together this outfit last week while on a sushi outing with my godsister, Bao Thy. I loved it so much and how comfortable it is that I've decided to do a shoot for it with Kelly today. We went to a park by the lake near our houses to shoot this and boy, it was hot! We were both sweating like roasted ducks but it was definitely fun! Being out in nature helped us with our creativity as we tried different poses and techniques. I got to say, I really love this set. You know what else I love? The inexpensive finds I got to put this outfit together, such as my new favorite wedges that I picked up yesterday from the Dolce Vita for Target line on clearance for $15 as well as the sheer, green top from an Asian site for $3! (minus shipping, it was a pretty penny -.-) I was never a person that was into wearing green, but lately, mint green has been one of my favorite colors! It's such a fresh and light color for August, keeping the outfit feeling vibrant yet not overwhelming.

I wanted to post more pictures of my outing with my godsister on this blog, but I'm honestly just too lazy to edit the rest (mostly yummy sushi pictures). I'll probably upload them onto my photo tumblr right here if you're interested in stalking it. I'll leave you with two teasers:
My beautiful godsister with her new shirt! We both were ecstatic at how cool it was. Honestly, it was totally silly at first but of course my gorgeous sister was able to rock it! Doesn't she look totally adorable??
Finally, I'll end with a funky picture of us. I truly fail at mirror pics *facepalm* I shall cease to take pictures with this pretty little lady because she outshines me too much...although I'm still the cuter one, right? :D
Stay happy and healthy!
Ai Nhu
PS. One more week of summer school! zomg!
PPS. You like my new bangs? :D