Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Say You Love Me

I bought this dress last September on Soompi for $14, but I never got a chance to wear it because of the fickle Chicago fall weather. Yesterday was the last day of my IB exams, so now I've got no worries. I also have a performance with PPG at DePaul tomorrow for the IB CAS fair, so I'm in such a great mood. I decided to bust out the awesome outfit that I've been dying to wear. Because the outfit was so cute already, I've decided not to accessorize at all to give it the full focus it deserves.

Outfit is a 3 piece: shirt, skirt, and belt all from a Soompi survey for ~$14 shipped. Sandals are my mom's.

PS. I've been obsessed with IU's cover of MYMP's 'Say You Love Me'. This song also inspired me to wear this outfit, since both has a sweet but laidback feel. Check it out here.
-Ai Nhu

Friday, May 21, 2010

So Fresh and So Clean

Of all of the friends that I've recently made, Alzen is one of the most memorable one. He's extremely outgoing and is definitely not shy when it comes to music and dancing. His bold personality combined with his sweet nature presents a wonderful and unforgettable person and this transfers over to how he presents himself. I was more than happy when I saw his entry in my mailbox. In this entry, Alzen shows his simple and boyish charms with a clean and natural look.

Who inspires me?
Kim Kibum, member of SHINee, is notable for his eye-catching, slightly feminine sense of style and ssanti/girl dancing. I like to examine what he wears and I have noticed that he enjoys wearing accessories and likes to expose his neckline. He inspired this "summer look" and I used elements from the "ring ding dong" dark and "juliette" color concepts. The necklace is the focal point because I like accessories and I find that necklaces provide some sort of "eye-candy" to people because typically, people usually notice smaller things like earrings and necklaces. The color contrast of the shirt and the shorts makes the outfit more bold and the shoes give it a "cute look" because "being cute" is naturally a part of my personality. Every guy should embrace more feminine qualities when it comes to clothes because mixing feminine and masculine styles makes our styles more dynamic and interesting.

My advice: Do not over-accessorize because it might bog down the style you are trying to portray!!! and remember, fashion is fun!
Sky blue Vans, $46; Black A&F shirt, $10; White Drifter Industries shirt, $15; brown necklace from HMart, $5

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I've known Amara since my freshman year of IB. She has an eccentric personality and an out-of-this world vision. I've always taken notice of here unique style. Even on a regular or stressful testing day, she always has an outfit that makes you do a double-take.

This look is fantastic and clean. Amara turns the focus on the unique blue dress (sari?) by minimizing accessories. The dress itself has a great balance in the bold color and the minimal yet intricate designs framing the edges. She completes the outfit with a cute pair of Converse and white frames, perfectly reflects her quirky, yet laid back personality.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Lunch in Lincoln Park

I had the pleasure of styling my best friend, Sherry, last Friday. She was going for a 'Yoona' look, one of the members of the Korean girlgroup, Girls' Generation. When I was putting the outfit together, I thought about the key points of Yoona's look: innocent and youthful, and attempted that in the outfit. We ended up with two versions all due to a simple change from pure and innocent look with a white, sheer cardigan to an edgier, sophisticated style with a black blazer.

BB Dakota 'Jack' Dress, Blazer, AE cardigan, Sherry's silver shoes, and pearl belt from my mom's closet.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

out of the blue

Submitted by Diana

Diana's outfit is very simple, yet also has a mature edge. She did a great job with keeping the balance of the outfit by minimizing on accessories with the print on the dress is already busy. The shoes are also a fantastic touch and the color emphasizes her youthful yet sophisticated personality.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

rainy windy city

It's raining mad this whole week in the Windy City. I'm done with my IB and AP testings for the week and so I dressed up a bit for school with slight modifications to the outfit.

Striped button-up and long cardigan from Hollister, teal dress is unknown, black leggings, mommy's gold side purse, and purple Hunter boots.
Rain, go rain!
-Ai Nhu

Saturday, May 8, 2010

the PARK BOM mini patterned dress

One of my favorite Korean girl group is 2ne1. They are known for their outlandish fashion and close relationship with designer, Jeremy Scott. One of their members is Park Bom, a beautiful woman with a powerful voice. Her signature look is thick eyeliner, straight bangs, and a mini patterned cotton dress.

The best thing about this look? It can be night AND daywear and..it's super cheap!
The dress itself is $8.80! The white button-up is around $11, the bracelet and necklace are around $5 and it's all from one place: Forever21.
The black Nine West oxford patented heels are from DSW for $50 and the socks are from my mother's closet.
-Best wishes, Ai Nhu.


My name is Ai Nhu and I recently started STYLESPIRATIONS with the purpose of sharing unique fashion ideas with others. Oftentimes, I would see a person down the streets with an amazing outfit and would be inspired to create something similar with the pieces of clothings I have at home. It's amazing to see the creativity of different people and their stylistic views of being able to manipulate certain pieces of clothing to make a wonderful outfit.

With that, I will be sharing the unique fashion that I find in the streets, online, and in magazines. Additionally, I will share pictures of outfits I put together that I think is interesting.

In addition to that, I encourage readers to also share anything that will act as possible STYLESPIRATIONS for anyone. If possible, please email pictures of your cool outfits/unique fashionable items to sw33toootartz@yahoo.com.

  • Please keep it to 4 pictures with a portrait orientation and a reasonable, consistent size.
  • Make sure that one picture is a full body shot to show the outfit in a holistic view. The 2nd picture should also be a body shot but in any favorable pose. The 3rd should be a detailed shot of a unique point of the outfit. The final picture can be whatever you desire.
  • Please email me the links to these pictures and do not send them as attachments as they are a pain to download.
  • List the items, brands, and estimate prices of these items so that other readers can possibly buy them also.
  • Photos submitted become property of STYLESPIRATIONS to alter and edit.
I hope that you all share your interesting views and your own styles of fashion.
Inspire and be inspired.