Friday, May 21, 2010

So Fresh and So Clean

Of all of the friends that I've recently made, Alzen is one of the most memorable one. He's extremely outgoing and is definitely not shy when it comes to music and dancing. His bold personality combined with his sweet nature presents a wonderful and unforgettable person and this transfers over to how he presents himself. I was more than happy when I saw his entry in my mailbox. In this entry, Alzen shows his simple and boyish charms with a clean and natural look.

Who inspires me?
Kim Kibum, member of SHINee, is notable for his eye-catching, slightly feminine sense of style and ssanti/girl dancing. I like to examine what he wears and I have noticed that he enjoys wearing accessories and likes to expose his neckline. He inspired this "summer look" and I used elements from the "ring ding dong" dark and "juliette" color concepts. The necklace is the focal point because I like accessories and I find that necklaces provide some sort of "eye-candy" to people because typically, people usually notice smaller things like earrings and necklaces. The color contrast of the shirt and the shorts makes the outfit more bold and the shoes give it a "cute look" because "being cute" is naturally a part of my personality. Every guy should embrace more feminine qualities when it comes to clothes because mixing feminine and masculine styles makes our styles more dynamic and interesting.

My advice: Do not over-accessorize because it might bog down the style you are trying to portray!!! and remember, fashion is fun!
Sky blue Vans, $46; Black A&F shirt, $10; White Drifter Industries shirt, $15; brown necklace from HMart, $5