Saturday, May 8, 2010


My name is Ai Nhu and I recently started STYLESPIRATIONS with the purpose of sharing unique fashion ideas with others. Oftentimes, I would see a person down the streets with an amazing outfit and would be inspired to create something similar with the pieces of clothings I have at home. It's amazing to see the creativity of different people and their stylistic views of being able to manipulate certain pieces of clothing to make a wonderful outfit.

With that, I will be sharing the unique fashion that I find in the streets, online, and in magazines. Additionally, I will share pictures of outfits I put together that I think is interesting.

In addition to that, I encourage readers to also share anything that will act as possible STYLESPIRATIONS for anyone. If possible, please email pictures of your cool outfits/unique fashionable items to

  • Please keep it to 4 pictures with a portrait orientation and a reasonable, consistent size.
  • Make sure that one picture is a full body shot to show the outfit in a holistic view. The 2nd picture should also be a body shot but in any favorable pose. The 3rd should be a detailed shot of a unique point of the outfit. The final picture can be whatever you desire.
  • Please email me the links to these pictures and do not send them as attachments as they are a pain to download.
  • List the items, brands, and estimate prices of these items so that other readers can possibly buy them also.
  • Photos submitted become property of STYLESPIRATIONS to alter and edit.
I hope that you all share your interesting views and your own styles of fashion.
Inspire and be inspired.


Somara said...

i'm definitely considering entering an entry ! - xoxo , Somara