Friday, September 2, 2011

Third Period: Aesthetic Philosophy


This outfit is a really laid back way of transitioning into school. It kind of says, yes I accept it's over but I also can't end summer still looking albino. It's breezy enough to still be okay for summer weather, but the letterman jacket tones it down a bit.
The key to my school style is a hint of color. A bright shirt, a bright bracelet, something that doesn't overwhelm but also isn't too monotone. Also, everything in moderation. No one likes a skank.
A must have fashion item for school is... a pair of good, tough, comfortable boots. You can trek through snow and throw it together with anything.
A tip for the new school year is don't try to be friends with everybody, you'll get annoying.
My personal goal for the school year is to make a few good, loyal friends and to finally get the grades I should have gotten in high school.
You all have probably seen Bao Thy on the blog before. She is my godsister and she's such a fun source of energy to be around. Not only is she gorgeous, she has a wonderful sense of style. I went to high school with her and now she is joining me in the same college so I am fortunate enough to see her all the time. On a typical day, she wears cute, sophisticated pencil skirts with a flowy top and an adorable cardigan. Sometimes, she dons a laid-back look with simple shorts and unique tops and accessorizing very playfully. Her style reflects her flexible personality and she is someone that I adore to death.