Monday, September 26, 2011

Final Period: Personal Finance


This outfit is really different compared to my usual style. A little darker and out of my comfort zone.
The key to my school style is to be fun and simple. I like bright colors and loose clothing. It makes it easy to put outfits together.
A must have fashion item for school is lip gloss and/or ChapStick. I do not wear make up often so something to go on your lips brings out your face and can add to an outfit.
A tip for the new school year is ask questions. I don't think it ever hurts to know more about the subject you are learning.
My personal goal for this year is to actively learn and be who you are.

I cannot talk anymore about this girl, seriously. All of my previous posts about her were full of raves about how much I love her, and nothing has changed. I'm so glad that I still have her by my side, supporting me in everything I do, especially being my wingwoman for Stylespirations. <3

Sorry for the OVERDUE post, school seriously destroyed me and I recently have been preparing for VASA's Mid-Autumn Moon Festival. Now that hell week is gone, I feel so relieved and touched. All of the stress was definitely worth it and I would hands down do it all again. It was an amazing feeling to see the Loyola community come together, and also those who support VASA come from all over just to hang out with us. I'm so thankful!

Also, I'm excited to finally wrap up my first Stylespirations project. I had a blast shooting everyone, from helping my friends assemble their outfits to telling them to do weird poses on strange fixtures. I'm definitely planning another one real soon before the weather gets colder so if anyone in Chicagoland is interested and has a Saturday free, come at me bro!

I'll update my outfits soon! I have lots of pictures for you guys, just haven't edited it yet :P

Ai Nhu

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