Sunday, February 20, 2011

Before the Dawn

School has been so intense lately. At first, I got some papers and quizzes back and I got almost perfect scores for them. Then, I got my exams a couple of weeks later and totally bombed them. It's pretty devastating, but it just pushes me to work even harder. Although I've been disappointed with my grades recently, I've been feeling happy with where my life is. I'm still thankful to have people who are close to me cheer me on, happy to have food in my mouth, clothes on my back, a great job, and the financial support to keep learning.

By the way, I did a ZARA haul! This whole outfit is from ZARA's winter sale, and trust me, I snagged up some crazy deals. I'm not sure if it's still going on, but do check your local ZARA. Will you believe me if I told you that my skirt was $5.99??? I was shocked myself, and I broke my shopping ban since Christmas and "splurged". I ended up spending around $60 for a jacket, a skirt, three awesome sweaters, and a cute scarf. Sigh, back to the shopping ban.

Stay warm, stay safe, stay happy!

PS. I look like an 8 year old here trying to be an 18-year old. I really need to either fully grow my bangs out or just cut them. This whole pinning them back thing and showing off my huge, shiny forehead isn't cutting it :P


huama said...

oh, i really like it without the scarf and jacket . you look pretty in these pics. very natural =]

Ai Nhu said...

Thanks a lot!
I know, I was contemplating about the scarf and jacket too, but since the weather is kind of brisk, I thought it'll be cute for an early spring look :D

Joey said...

You changed your shoes and took off the tights? I like this look :)
I actually think the scarf gives it a pop of colour which is really nice

Ai Nhu said...

yep Joey! I actually changed boots because we shoot at my friend's house and I saw one of her boots laying around and I randomly decided to pick it up!

Fashion Ranger said...

I love your scarf! :)