Saturday, July 31, 2010

Sailor Moon

This is one of my most favorite dress that I've owned, yet I haven't really had the opportunity to wear it. This week was the last week of my internship with the Asian American Institute's Impact Fellows Program. For memories, I decided to dress up on the last day to leave a lasting impression of myself. Dear fellows, I will miss our good times. I've learned so much from all of you and I've finally discovered myself and my potential thanks to your nurturing ways. Please remember me as not only 'Sunnay Honnay', but also the Ai Nhu with dreams and curiosity. I know that you all will support me in my path, and please don't hesitate to look for me if you need a helping hand.

Dress: Forever21, $22.90; Shoes: $24


Anonymous said...

This dress is adorable.

Ai Nhu said...

thanks Daphne!
I love that this dress is not only cute, but also inexpensive. I HAD to get it the moment I laid my eyes on it...and it's just so comfortable too!