Friday, July 23, 2010

In Full Bloom

I had a Stylespirations moment yesterday. Kelly and I got off of work early because of legislative visit. We planned on going out to Tank Noodles, so we stopped by Kelly's house for her to change. I came in my purple t-shirt and jean shorts from Forever 21. We hung out a little bit until I noticed this wonderful skirt in Kelly's closet. It was a gift for her 19th birthday in April and she still hasn't worn it. Immediately, I was attracted to it right away and tried it on. I ended up throwing on her gold gladiators and suddenly there was an impromptu photoshoot in her room. Although it wasn't intentional at all, it made me happy to realize that inspiration is always around, it's just up to us to realize it, take it, and make it ours.
Purple t-shirt with pocket, Zipia. Kelly's skirt, forever21. Floral sunglasses, forever21.


Kelly said...

This is too sexay honnay. I really like your last sentence. Inspiration is everywhere and it really is up to us to take it and realize it.