Thursday, June 30, 2011

Billion Dollar Baby

Sorry for being super MIA! I put this outfit together and shot it a long time ago, but I have been so preoccupied with summer school and youth group camp preparations that I have been neglecting my blog. No worries though, I have a lot more posts and outfits planned so hopefully July can go a lot smoother.

Lately, I have been wearing a lot more monotone colors. I feel like my style is a lot more relaxed now that I am back in school yet in a difference pacing with my life. So here is my little simple outfit which I tried to spice up with clunky jewelry. I paired a black Forever21 ruffled dress ($13) with a cropped gray floral shirt (also from F21 owned by Kelly) to give it a more spunky and playful feel yet still keep the outfit subtle. I was going for the more mature look yet still keep it youthful. Sorry for this rushed post, I'm late to my Transformers date with Debbie! Hope you all enjoy a wonderful July 4th weekend with your family and friends.
Stay safe! (from the heat :P)
-Ai Nhu