Sunday, May 29, 2011


I've been feeling so at peace with my life. Summer school started but I feel amazing. I'm at the point where I'm very happy with my relationships with those around me, and I'm so glad that I have a lot more free time to stay at home to not only hang out with my parents, but also for Ai Nhu time. The more that I'm at home, the more I feel at peace. I have been reading (surprise!) up about physics and Catholicism, talking to my dad about politics in Vietnam, watching movies with my mother, sewing (finally fixed the machine!) and planting flowers. For someone who's all about spontaneity and adventure, I've been a lot more happy with the mundane and simple stuff. I guess this is a part of maturity. I'm turning into a boring adult....NOT! :D

Anyways, onto the outfit. This was an extremely cheap yet fun outfit to put together. May is the month of spring, flowers and mom so I had some of these themes in mind while arranging these pieces. I thought it was very simple, laid-back and romantic yet at the same time quirky and cute. I've been obsessed with shorts lately and these $9 shorts from Forever21 doesn't disappoint! My favorite has to be the Free People top from Nordstrom rack for only $16! It's very lightweight yet very cute. I topped it off with a fringed crocheted vest from H&M's organic collection for only $10 and my comfy sandals that I stole from my mom. I think that my favorite part about this outfit is how comfortable I feel in it. It's perfect for 70 degree weather and although those have been rare in May, I still stalk the weather channel and make sure I take advantage of the warm weather whenever I can.
Stay happy!
-Ai Nhu


Joey said...

Hiya, thanks for dropping by my blog and for following.
You've some great outfits! I love this outfit, with the vest, it makes it more interesting. Looking forward to more posts

Kristel Louisa said...

These pictures are amazing! You look so adorable. Love your vest!

Thanks for stopping by my blog :)