Monday, October 18, 2010


Midterms have been rough and the weather has been changing constantly. My mood has been up and down a lot just like the unpredictable Chicago weather. Fashion-wise, I've been on the bummy end, just running to school in hoodies and sweatshirts. A couple of weeks ago I attended a youth leadership conference, so in the rare occasion I decided to go all out and look more decent. This is a variation of the outfit since the actual day that I went, it was rainy and cold, so I layered with black stockings, a black blazer, and my black Nine West oxfords to really make the blue pop. Normally, I'm not a blue person, but there's just something about the satin and the royal blue hue that makes me feel so sexy and confident.

Blouse ($16), Skirt ($9), Bracelet ($5), Necklace ($5) - Forever21; Shoes - Ralph Lauren