Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Downhearted Blues

Whoo hoo! I just finished my first two days of college! It was exciting yet nerve wrecking at the same time. I was almost kind of sad seeing how everyone is already so close to their dorm-mates and I only have two people I know in class. Different from my personality, my shyness forced me into places that I'm glad I went to. I went to Madonna della Strada chapel to pray several times a day as well as rummaged the Cudahy library, reading the Sky and Telescope journals. Gosh, I'm on mad nerd mode!

Alright, less talk, onto fashion! I recently stumbled onto this dress during my back to school shopping trip a while ago and I was totally sold the moment I tried it on. You know how I'm obsessed with the nautical theme this summer, so I just couldn't help myself. I decided to crash my best friend, Kelly's house, and did a fun photoshoot with her dad's awesome Canon 40D. Honestly, I could never go back to my point-and-shoot ever again afterwards!
Dress - Urban Outfitters $20; Anchor necklace - Forever21 $5; Bangle - Kelly's from Forever21; Hat - American Eagle; Tom's Shoes $43


che said...

adorable dress, anchor print? the red shoes are a nice touch!

Ai Nhu said...

yes anchor print! I was sold right away because of it!
And thanks! I thought it'll be a pleasant color pop :D

me said...

those are my shoes :P

sammi said...

i love your dress! adorable !! is it an old urban outfitters dress? <3


Ai Nhu said...

Hey Sammi,
This dress was actually on sale about 2 weeks ago so I'm guessing it was a summer dress.